The International Procurement Institute (INPRI) is an international center of excellence in public sector procurement. Its mission is to promote excellence in procurement by providing specialized training and education, advice and support to a wide-range of stakeholders including governments, international organizations and private sector companies.

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INPRI promotes dialogue and best practices in procurement by focusing on three overriding principles: Efficiency, Effectiveness and Transparency

Basics of Public Procurement
Contract Administration and Management
Basics of Strategic Management applied to Public Procurement
Introduction to Sustainable Procurement
Applying International Best Practices in Public Procurement
to the Contracting cycle
Introduction to International Best Practices in Public Procurement
Best Practices for the Design and Application of Evaluation Criteria
Introduction to Portfolio Management and Procurement Issues
Electronic Government Procurement(e-GP)
Improving Institutional Service Delivery through Effective
The Logical Framework methodology applied to Procurement
through better project design, implementation and evaluation
Executive workshop on Improving the Quality of Public
Expenditures through Strategic Procurement Planning and Budgeting